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DragonInjector v19
DragonInjector v19
DragonInjector v19
DragonInjector v19
DragonInjector v19
DragonInjector v19

DragonInjector v19

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As I don't want anyone to feel cheated or disappointed with their purchase, I want everyone to be aware that the next version of the DragonInjector following v19 will likely be injection molded and have an RGB LED. While it's true I won't be able to make the next version if the current stock of v19's do not sell, I do not want to mislead anyone. If what the v19 offers doesn't appeal to you, I recommend waiting for the next version. If you'd still like a v19, then I want to thank you very much for your help in taking the DI to the next level and helping me grow my hobbies! To that end, if you buy a v19, you'll get a 20% discount off of a future version if ever you decide to buy one.

NOTE: The DragonInjector now includes the CR1612 pre-installed and the Type C adapter!

DragonInjector FAQ:

What is DragonInjector?
DragonInjector is a general purpose MCU board housed a similar form factor to that of a game cartridge, so it can easily be stored inside your console.

What's it made of?
The DragonInjector shell is made out of UV cured resin and 3D printed on a DLP 3D printer.

How is it powered?
DragonInjector is powered by a CR1612 watch battery.

Does this click in my game card slot like a normal game card?
Yes! Mechanically, it behaves exactly the same way.

Can this charge from the game card slot?
Nope. A rechargeable model wouldn't provide enough benefit to justify the much higher expense required to develop and manufacture it.

I'm an advanced user, can I write my own firmware? What about updates?
Of course! Feel free to fork the GitHub and make whatever changes you wish - everything is open source! If you make something cool, let me know! In the event the firmware on the DI requires updating or you want to write your own, you can just plug it into a computer and use the free firmware tool to update or customize the firmware. You can find a link to the GitHub at the bottom of this page.

What about those game card pins then? What do they do?
They're there for aesthetic purposes only and to protect the pins in the gamecard slot from damage and wear. They are not electrically connected to anything.

What colors will it be offered in?
The first batch of units will be available in black only. If there is enough demand for other colors they will become an option in the future once injection molding is realized.

Click here for the source files!